Richmond, New Hampshire is a rural town located in the southwest corner of the state.
Richmond is about two hours from Boston and four hours from New York City.
The Richmond Rooster was launched in 1991 to provide a voice for this local community.
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From time to time, we receive inquiries from readers, asking how they can help keep our free paper going. Any donation to the Richmond Rooster, while not tax-deductible, is deeply appreciated as our domestic, independent monthly faces rising paper and delivery costs.

DONATE: Be a Friend
A donation at the level of an annual business card sized ad (currently $165) entitles the donor to a free From a Friend advertisement for 12 months. We cherish your friendship!

Any donation should be by check, made out to The Richmond Rooster, and mailed to:

Renee Murphy, Treasurer
60 Whipple Hill Road
Richmond, NH 03470